Heat Pump KEYMARK Steering Committee

2020-01-09/10, Brussels

The HP KEYMARK Steering Committee consists of representatives of manufacturers, certification bodies and testing laboratories involved in the KEYMARK certification of heat pumps

New Secretariat for Insulation KEYMARK

2019-10-01, Berlin

EiiF Foundation takes over the secretariat for the Insulation KEYMARK!

26th Solar KEYMARK Network (SKN) Meeting

2019-03-05/06, Stockholm, Sweden

The Solar KEYMARK Network is the European certification committee for the operative framework around Solar KEYMARK certification for solar thermal products. It consist of the Solar KEYMARK interested parties (Certification Bodies, Testing Laboratories and Inspectors, and industry representatives. It is active in improving the Solar KEYMARK Scheme Rules and procedures within the Solar KEYMARK.

The 26th SKN meeting took place and was hosted by RISE in Stockholm, Sweden. Further informtion and the meeting minutes is available here.

New CEN-CENELEC Internal Regulations, Part 4

2018-12, Berlin

New CEN-CENELEC Internal Regulations, Part 4 "Certification"

In 2018, CEN decided to replace the former CEN Certification Board (CCB) by the new established CEN KEYMARK Taskforce (KTF). Thus, the CEN-CENELEC Internal Regulations, Part 4 which are the basis for all KEYMARK systems, needed to be updated to take this change into account. They are now available in the current version of 2018-07.

New General CEN KEYMARK Website

2018-11-01, Berlin

Welcome to the new CEN KEYMARK website!

We are pleased to explain to you the reasons, the content, and the benefit of the new general CEN KEYMARK website.