keymark signetThe KEYMARK is a voluntary European quality mark for products and services, that demonstrates compliance with European Standards. It is owned by the European standardization organizations CEN and CENELEC and is issued by empowered Certification Bodies.

On recommendation of the European Council in 1992 to improve the consumer protection and to counteract the uncertainty of consumers by a mark variety, the European Standards Organizations CEN and CENELEC have developed in 1993/1994 a harmonised European Mark System for standardized products.

Especially for consumers the KEYMARK stands for real added value, representing as it does tested and certified compliance with harmonized European quality standards as confirmed by an independent third party. The KEYMARK also complements CE Marking in the case of those products for which this is a legal requirement, thus serving to boost consumer confidence throughout Europe.

KEYMARK certification offers manufacturers and service providers new sales opportunities and opens new paths into the ever-expanding European market. As a rule, the KEYMARK can be issued for all products and services, that are subject to a European Standard (EN) with specified requirements and that have been duly tested and certified by impartial, independent and competent bodies. The general requirements for KEYMARK certification apply to all KEYMARK certificates, regardless of whether these to