2019-11, Berlin

New version of the Insulation KEYMARK Scheme Rules available!

We are pleased to inform you about the main changes in the new version 2.1 of the Insulation KEYMARK Scheme Rules for thermal insulation products for buildings and industrial applications.


The Insulation KEYMARK Scheme Rules contain all information relevant for the KEYMARK certification of thermal insulation products for buildings and thermal insulation products for industrial applications. These scheme rules were updated by the responsible European certification committee called Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) consisting of the interested parties in this field.

After final approval by the KEYMARK Management Organization (KMO), the new version 2.1 became now valid.

Main Changes in the Annexes of the Insulation KEYMARK Scheme Rules

The following Annexes were changed: B, B1, B2, D, E and F

  • Substitution of Implementation Group
  • New Annex F according to QAC meeting
  • Update of Annex E, limitation to maximum 8 sub-groups (lambda-groups) for insulation for buildings
  • Prolongation procedure for registered testing laboratories in Annexes B1/B2
  • Possible mechanical properties and others added to scope of registered testing laboratories
  • Name of Lambda-Expert Group changed to "Thermal Insulation Expert Group"
  • Update of organization char of QAC according to QAC meeting
  • Participation costs 500 EUR for each comparative test for registered testing laboratories or lead laboratory
  • Instead of 4 test during ITT, spread to 2 + 2 over 2 years possible
  • Acceptance of already existing test reports for ITT is possible under the responsibility of the empowered certification body
  • Add creep test as supervised property with the frequency of the relevant product standard
  • Delete part 2 of in situ product standards and introduction of important definitions

We are very thankful for any comments, suggestions for improvements and error notes!

Your KEYMARK Management Organization (KMO)