2018-11-01, Berlin

Welcome to the new CEN KEYMARK website!

We are pleased to explain to you the reasons, the content, and the benefit of the new general CEN KEYMARK website.

Reasons for the New General KEYMARK Website

In the past, all existing scheme groups had an individual website with different content, corporate design, etc. Also all new scheme groups had to develop an individual website starting from point zero, including

  • registration of new website
  • creating corporate design
  • adding relevant documents
  • List of certified products
  • etc.

and therefore spending a lot of time and effort, while multiplying the number of different KEYMARK websites. Other KEYMARK certifications are only displayed on the website of the specific certification bodies. Information which is available on the KEYMARK Management Organization (KMO) website (currently DIN CERTCO) is also shown on the scheme group websites leading to possibility of mistakes.

Furthermore, DIN CERTCO has created an area on the DIN CERTCO website with the relevant information about the KEYMARK, its management including, list of empowered certification bodies and active scheme groups and other general KEYMARK information.

Thus, DIN CERTCO proposed to develop and design a new European KEYMARK website to provide general information about the KEYMARK and especially new KEYMARK schemes to inform about the product specific KEYMARK certification. Some of the requirements are listed below.

Content of the New CEN KEYMARK Website

General information about the KEYMARK

  • History of the KEYMARK
  • Elements of KEYMARK certification
  • Benefits of KEYMARK certification for the different interested parties
  • Competence of involved third parties including empowerment process
  • Procedure for developing new KEYMARK Schemes
  • KEYMARK Brochure, Internal Regulations Part 4

Product related KEYMARK information

  • Background of certification
  • Testing and certification basis (EN 000 …)
  • Product related elements of KEYMARK certification
  • Product related benefits of KEYMARK certification
  • Product related Certification relevant documents (scheme rules etc.)
  • Database to all product related KEYMARK certificates
  • List of all empowered Certification Bodies, Testing Laboratories and Inspection Bodies
  • Product related flyer

Other items which were taken into account

  • Newsletter for all general and product related news (english version only)
  • Events and fairs for all KEYMARK relevant events
  • KEYMARK corporate design to ensure a single European CEN KEYMARK design 
  • Possibility for scheme groups to share documents (to be implemented in the future)
  • Content management system to provide access to the product related information
  • The owner of this website is CEN similar to the product related KEYMARK Scheme Rules

Benefits of a single European KEYMARK Website

  • One European website for all KEYMARK relevant information
  • Reduction of time and costs for development of product related KEYMARK website
  • Structured information for all kind of KEYMARK certified products
  • Same Corporate Design for all KEYMARK products
  • Daily updated Integration of KEYMARK certificates and empowered certification bodies
  • Avoiding of doubled information on different websites
  • More networking and exchange of experience between the different Scheme Groups

Finally, we appreciate your feedback to the new website. Your suggestions help us to get constantly better. We are very thankful for any comments, suggestions for improvements and error notes!

Your KEYMARK Management Organization