2021-02-02, Brussels

Maintaining VDI/KEYMARK Certification in Covid times

The COVID-19 still affects most parts of the usual activities. During this pandemic, manufacturers may experience different kinds of problems, e.g. unavailability of personnel, delayed incoming materials, supporting services not being supplied. KEYMARK empowered certification bodies may also face a variety of challenges like absent personnel and restrictions to the free movement of persons. 

However, even with the personnel available and no official restrictions to the free movement, legitimate company policies, either on the side of the manufacturer or the certification body, may prevent the certification body from physically visiting the manufacturing plant. In order to provide approved guidance on this matter the European Group of Notified Bodies has drawn up a Position Paper maintaining certificates under this pandemic situation. Most of the KEYMARK empowered certification bodies are Notified Bodies in the frame of Construction Products Regulation and are familiar with this important document.

Other certification bodies have developed own procedures to withstand the pandemic period. By issuing and maintaining a VDI/KEYMARK certificate, the certification body assumes responsibility for providing the assessment that the manufacturer of an insulation product has ensured the constancy of performance. The principle to carry out the surveillance on-site is still in place, but certification bodies are encouraged to perform a risk assessment of construction products being placed on the market without having the declared performance. They shall decide case by case if additional activities like, submission of evidence, telephone interviews, video conference or postponing of audits can assure the validity of the issued certificates. Once a VDI/KEYMARK certificate is issued, it remains valid until restricted, suspended or withdrawn by the certification body.

Further information is available here:

Quality Assurance Committee for Insulation KEYMARK