2019-11-28, Berlin

Welcome to the new CEN KEYMARK database!

We are pleased to explain to you the reasons, the content, and the benefit of the new CEN KEYMARK database.

Reasons for the New KEYMARK database

In the past, CEN has developed a database to show all valid KEYMARK certified products, which are based on requirements of European Standards. The content of the former database only included a general information of a certificate like relevant EN Standard, product name, certificate number, name and contact info of certificate holder, and the responsible Certification Body. Correctness and completeness of content were ensured by an Excel templates that were filled out by the empowered Certification Bodies and provided to the KMO for the upload-process. 

In its role as KMO, DIN CERTCO is responsible to keep the CEN KEYMARK database updated. The maintaining of the former database has shown the necessity of a number of changes to allow a correct and time efficient use of the tool. At the same time, a number of “nice to have” properties were detected.

At the same time the database should be the source of information for end users and more importantly for national authorities in charge of subsidy scheme decision making and import permits. A questionnaire of the KEYMARK scheme group members has given indication that manufacturers have great interest in a single European KEYMARK database as marketing tool if it meets the requirements of the interested parties and the market and provides product related further information.

DIN CERTCO has analysed the demands of interested parties/stakeholders with respect to a database containing information on all KEYMARK certified products. Consequently, the CEN database needed to be changed to fulfil all requirements, in an effort to bundle all information on KEYMARK certified products in one European database and to keep new KEYMARK scheme groups from creating additional databases.

Aspects taken into account for revised CEN KEYMARK database

Content taken into account

  • Extension of data to include product type (e.g. Solar thermal collector)
  • Technical information of certified product printed from the included data
  • Additional search criteria (product type, country, CB, specific properties)
  • Company logos
  • Number of valid certificates per search criteria
  • Download options
  • Listing of all empowered Certification Bodies with their respective scope


  • Short processing time for empowered Certification Bodies (data provision), KMO (data upload), CEN (screening)
  • Additional functions for manufacturers, end users and national authorities
  • Upload function for new, changed certificates

Other items taken into account

  • Safety of the data
  • Possibility to export data
  • Possibility to calculate the annual KEYMARK licence fees 

Benefits of a single European KEYMARK database

  • One European database for all KEYMARK relevant information
  • Avoiding of different databases with the same or different information (CB database, Scheme Group database, CEN database)
  • Reduction of time and costs for updating the databases
  • Structured information for all kind of KEYMARK certified products
  • Same Corporate Design for all KEYMARK certified products
  • More networking and exchange of experience between the different Scheme Groups
  • ... 

Finally, we appreciate your feedback to the new KEYMARK database. Your suggestions help us to get constantly better. We are very thankful for any comments, suggestions for improvements and error notes!

Your KEYMARK Management Organization (KMO)