2020-09-03, Berlin

The KEY-role of Registered Laboratories within Insulation VDI / KEYMARK

The revision of the Insulation VDI / KEYMARK Scheme Rules made it possible for the first time to present a common European, voluntary certification system for insulation materials in buildings and in building equipment and industrial installations. The "Quality Assurance Committee (QAC)" is the certification committee of the Insulation VDI / KEYMARK certification scheme. Here, the activities of the certification bodies empowered by the KEYMARK Management Organisation on behalf of CEN and the registered testing laboratories are controlled by appropriate expert groups.

Far beyond the requirement of an accreditation according to EN ISO/IEC 17025 and a European notification of a test laboratory, requirements for the recognition of registered laboratories are developed in the QAC Laboratory Groups. Participation in round robin tests and the implementation of audits in the laboratories are the basis for a successful registration. During an audit the focus is the control of the well-trained laboratory staff, well established measuring procedures and reliable test equipment. Regularly meetings of the QAC Laboratory Groups are necessary to organize all relevant tasks. Corresponding certificates with a time limit of three years confirm that the registered laboratories have an outstanding position as a test laboratory within the certification program for insulation materials in Europe.

The internet platform with information on the registered test centers can be accessed as follows:

While the CE marking primarily indicates compliance with statutory minimum standards, the INSULATION VDI / KEYMARK offers the consumer real added value: the tested and certified compliance with uniform European quality standards by independent bodies.

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