More and more Testing Laboratories are interested in offering tests within the European KEYMARK certification for products and services based on European Standards and to provide the respective testing service.

Requirements for Testing Laboratories

All Testing Laboratories, whether internal or external, shall be accredited on the basis of EN ISO/IEC 17025 by a signatory to the relevant Multilateral Accreditation Agreement (ILAC).

There might be further specific requirements and procedures for Testing Laboratories taking part in the specific KEYMARK Scheme Rules to be fulfilled. 

Furthermore, all internal or external Testing Laboraotories shall:

  • participate in meetings relevant to the operation of the KEYMARK Scheme Groups
  • not receive any financial subsidy to support their testing or inspection activities, in order to avoid unfair competition
  • maintain confidentiality of the information obtained in the course of conformity assessment procedures, unless explicitly agreed upon in writing in advance
  • have a contract with the involved empowered Certification Body to act as sub-contractor