2020-06-16, Berlin

The QAC Chairmen for the Building Insulation KEYMARK and the Industrial Insulation KEYMARK were elected!

Piet Vitse, Chairman of the Building Insulation KEYMARK Quality Assurance Committee, and Roland Schreiner, Chairman of the Industrial Insulation KEYMARK Quality Assurance Committee for Industrial application products, both since 2017, have been re-elected on 16 June 2020 for a further 3-year period, according to the Scheme regulations.

Thanks to their commitment and contribution during the last three years the QAC Group grew significantly and now comprises:

  • Members (77 from 16 countries)
  • Certification bodies (18 empowered from 12 countries)
  • Registered laboratories (registered from 20 countries)
  • Product certificates: Building – more than 2000 products from 35 companies/plant companies and Industry – more than 45 products from 11 companies/plant companies)

In the three years to come, the Co-chairmen will be focusing on achieving the following goals:

  • Extending and adjusting the KEYMARK scope (New product standards and the Green Deal policy)
  • Increasing market acceptance and awareness
  • Continuing and managing the laboratories’ coordination programmes
  • Improving multilateral recognition

The Insulation KEYMARK Secretariat, managed by EiiF, congratulates Mr Vitse and Mr Schreiner on being re-elected and looks forward to continued cooperation.

Your KEYMARK Management Organization (KMO)