The KEYMARK – Recognized for Many Products Throughout Europe

KEYMARK in EuropeVoluntary product certification with the KEYMARK is an important tool for building trust and confidence in common European market standards. By obtaining a KEYMARK licence for their products, manufacturers provide partners and consumers with reliable proof of compliance with European Standards. In addition, they demonstrate thereby their international standing and the special reliability of the tested product characteristics.

The main advantage of the KEYMARK – it is a welldefined test and surveillance scheme that can be combined with CE marking requirements. Obtaining the KEYMARK may also be a prior requirement for the award of subsidies.

Additional Benefits for Manufacturers and Service Providers

  • Lower certification costs
  • Easier access to European market
  • Increased consumer confidence
  • Certified product quality
  • Increased sales opportunities
  • Improved company image

Examples for Which KEYMARK Certification has Already been Successfully Introduced

Explantory Video KEYMARK Certification