The KEYMARK Scheme Groups (former Scheme Development Group - SDG) shall undertake the following actions with regard to the management of the KEYMARK scheme:

  • to ensure that all empowered Certification Bodies taking part in a KEYMARK Scheme:
    - operate in accordance with the KEYMARK system rules and the rules of the related KEYMARK Scheme Rules;
    - maintain confidentiality, unless otherwise required to do so by law; 
    - recognize and accept the validity of KEYMARK licences granted by other empowered Certification Bodies. This recognition does not imply legal responsibility.
  • to maintain the KEYMARK Scheme Rules dealing with all matters of principle for granting KEYMARK licences and to monitor the maintenance of integrity and technical competence of the participating bodies;
  • to keep updated and available the list of European standards referred to in the KEYMARK schemes.

Scheme Development Groups exist for different products:

Each SDG/KEYMARK Scheme Group works separately and most are still preparing their specific Scheme Rules.