2021-02-12, Brussels

Insulation KEYMARK in full support of the “EU Green deal"

Thermal Insulation KEYMARK assuring quality with full 3rd party certified claims, enhances the ‘EU Green Deal’ policy for the next decades as part of their voluntary pan-European product certification scheme.


Avoiding energy losses in the building envelope, building equipment and industrial installations is our highest objective and key for all actions. Building owners, specifiers, installers, facility managers, … all of them are interested in the best possible solution. Specifying, using and integrating highly qualified thermal insulation products as part of the building and installations is one of the best possible investments, and return, in terms of efficiency and energy performance.

Already with a lot of experience, since the beginning of this millennium, the “Insulation KEYMARK” scheme has been set up as a network of official registered labs and empowered certification bodies throughout Europe, with only one key-mission: to evaluate, to assess, to surveille and to certify thermal insulation products against the most recent product specifications. Where as within the CPR-CE-conformity mark, only few characteristics are certified with focus on fire reaction, within the KEYMARK all performances on hygrothermal, mechanical,… performances of the product are 3rd party verified & certified.

At the same time, not only manufacturing sites & production lines/units are at least 2x inspected with audit sampling, also the registered labs are evaluating each other’s competencies in assuring a thermal conductivity level within ± 1.5% accuracy.

Besides the benefit for the building owners, specifiers and installers, the manufacturers also have the benefit to have their quality evaluated to the highest standards and for which the insulation products can become mutual recognized & accepted within locally organised technical approval schemes.

Similar KEYMARK policies has been set-up for heat pumps, radiator valves, solar panels, security devices.

For further information about the Insulation KEYMARK for thermal insulation products for buildings see: www.building.insulation.keymark.eu 

Co-Convenor of Quality Assurance Committee for Insulation KEYMARK