keymark signetThe KEYMARK is registered and legally protected as a trademark by CEN-CENELEC. It is registered internationally (WIPO), regionally and nationally in countries where such registration is necessary to assure its protection. The right to use the KEYMARK is issued to the certificate holder by the empowered certification bodies together with the certificate. The logo is made available to the certificate holder in file formats.

Entities other than certificate holders may receive the right to use the mark as well. The application form can be found here.

Proper Use of the KEYMARK – Supporting Your Success.

The following rules apply to any communication methods you might want to use. Our tips will help you use the mark correctly, in a meaningful and successful way. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will be happy to help you. The KEYMARK shall in principle be affixed to the product itself by being engraved, pressed, moulded, printed or by any other method. If affixing to the product itself is not possible or practical, it shall be affixed to the product’s package, the labelling, the instructions for use, or accompanying commercial documentation.

The KEYMARK shall be reproduced in colour. For practical reasons it may also be reproduced in outline form. The mark includes a registration number of the empowered certification body which has granted the KEYMARK. The registration number must remain clearly legible. It can be used stand-alone or together with other certification marks. Other marks used in conjunction with the KEYMARK shall not create confusion with it, nor shall they reduce its legibility and visibility.

  • Scaling: 
    In general, the KEYMARK must be reproduced at a size that allows both the mark and its components to be clearly legible. The mark may be reproduced in any size, provided the proportions have been respected and it remains clearly visible. On products and packaging, the mark should always be large enough that it can be seen clearly along with the other information. If the product is too small for the mark to be printed on it at the minimum size, the mark must be affixed to
  • Font Code:
    Arial Rounded MT Bold
  • Colour Codes:
    Pantone Yellow C 2X, Black, Pantone Reflex Blue