2020-02, Berlin

New version of the KEYMARK Scheme Rules for thermostatic radiator valves available!

We are pleased to inform you about the main changes in the new version 4 of the KEYMARK Scheme Rules for TRVs according to EN 215:2019.


The KEYMARK Scheme Rules contain all information relevant for the KEYMARK certification of thermostatic radiator valves based on EN 215. These scheme rules were updated by the responsible European certification committee CCC3-KEYMARK consisting of the interested parties in this field.

After final approval by the KEYMARK Management Organization (KMO), the new version 4 became now valid.

Main Changes in the Annexes of the TRV KEYMARK Scheme Rules

  • Addition of Control Accuracy CA (EN 215 clause A.7) in the application documents content
  • Adoption of the new Version of CEN-CENELEC Internal Regulations Part 4
  • Reference to new TRV KEYMARK website and database
  • eiditorial changes 

We are very thankful for any comments, suggestions for improvements and error notes!

Your KEYMARK Management Organization (KMO)