KEYMARK FlowchartA voluntary KEYMARK certification is much easier than expected. Certification involves only three successive steps:

  1. The application for certification
    Manufacturers who are interested in obtaining the KEYMARK for their products or services submit an application for a KEYMARK certification to an empowered Certification Body.
  2. Inspection and Initial Type Test (ITT)
    This step comprises an initial inspection of the factory production control (FPC), taking into account the elements of the International Standard EN ISO 9001 and includes the taking of product samples. The samples are tested and evaluated by compent Testing Laboratories in accordance with the applicable European Standards.
  3. The decision on the award of the KEYMARK
    Once the test and review have confirmed conformity with the applicable European Standard, the Certification Body issues a certificate for the product or the service. This certificate also serves as the non-transferable licence for the use of the KEYMARK.

What is Included in KEYMARK Certification?

The KEYMARK certificate includes information about the place of production, the license holder and the certification body. This information ensures that the product or service can be identified and traced. The certificate is valid for five years and may be renewed on request. As a basis for a certification, the manufacturer must have a factory production control in place. This production control is subject to an annual surveillance and is supplemented by a product test, which is conducted at least every two years.

The Costs of KEYMARK Certification

Application for a KEYMARK license involves the following fees:

  • A certification fee and a fee for testing and inspection, which is determined by the empowered Certification Body or its subcontractor(s).
  • An annual fee for the right to use the KEYMARK. This fee is specified by CEN and CENELEC and is collected by the empowered Certification Bodies. Currently the fee is 300 Euros per type and 60 Euros per sub-type. The product type and sub-type definition differs in the product categories
  • In some cases a fee for the specific Scheme Group

Explanatory Video KEYMARK Certification