Testing Bases

The following European standard is basis for the award of the mark beside the "CEN- certification scheme for thermostatic radiator valves":

  • DIN EN 215 "Thermostatic radiator valves - Requirements and test methods"

Testing and Certification

Only companies which confirmed the accordance of the standard through a passed test of a Testing Laboraotry, accredited and recognized by the European (CCC3/KEYMARK)-Certification Committee and the following neutral assessment are only allowed to use the KEYMARK.

If a product achieved a positive assessment result, the empowered Certification Body will issue a KEYMARK-certificate, which is valid for 5 years..

All certificate holders are published on our website and can be looked up under "Certificate Holder". Supplier, installers and consumer use this service for the information concerning certified products.

Designations and Abbreviations of Certified Products

Form of the valve

L Angle valve
T Straight valve
* Dimensions and details on connection are not in accordance with the specified series in Annex A of EN 215

Types of thermostatic valves

a Thermostatic valve with integral sensor
b Thermostatic valve with integral temperature selector and with remote sensor
c Thermostatic valve with the remote sensor incorporating the selector
d Thermostatic valve with remote sensor and remote selector
i Thermostatic integrated valve

Third party surveillance

The third party surveillance takes place by a testing of types every year as well as an anual control test inclusive the inspection of the Factory Production Control.