rt workshop2019-10-16, Brussels

The KEYMARK is a voluntary European quality mark for products and services, that demonstrates compliance with European Standards. It is owned by the European standardization organizations CEN and CENELEC and is issued by empowered Certification Bodies. In order to start a good cooperation between the different KEYMARK scheme Groups, to share the experiences an and to invite other interested parties to see the benefits of a KEYMARK certification, a KEYMARK Workshop is scheduled.

Topics/ideas for the Workshop

  • Share experiences between the existing Scheme Groups of Heat Pump KEYMARK, Insuation KEYMARK, and Solar KEYMARK
  • Invite interest parties like politicians and public authorities to promote the KEYMARK
  • Discuss the possibilities to improve the KEYMARK Management
  • Database of certified products
  • Discussion related to CE marking
  • Promotion of KEYMARK in general
  • Identify potentials for improvements
  • to find new customers and third parties


You are interested in participation? Please register via the contact form KEYMARK Management Organisation (KMO) and put in the subject: Workshop.

 Draft Agenda

Time Item Time Responsible     Remarks
10:00     Welcome of participants 5 min KMO  
  Introduction of the KEYMARK 15 min KMO presentation
  Introduction of Solar KEYMARK 30 min   Presentation + quick questions
  Introduction of Heat Pump KEYMARK 30 min   Presentation + quick questions
  Introduction of Insulation KEYMARK 30 min   Presentation + quick questions
12:00 Lunch break      
  KEYMARK as a benefit for public authorities and procurement         Discussion
  Marketing and promotion in Europe and world-wide     Website, newsletter, flyers etc.
  Trade fairs, workshops, events etc.     Discussion
  KEYMARK, CE-Marking, Energy Labelling     Discussion
  Proposals for the future     Discussion on new schemes
16:30 End of Workshop      


CEN Management Centre
Rue de la Science 23
Wednesday, 16 October 2019