2021-03-29, Brussels

This year, Heat Pump KEYMARK is celebrating the 5th anniversary of its very first launch in 2016. Over the years, the scheme has grown and evolved, achieving significant results on many different levels.

Within less than five years, the numbers have risen considerably, with certification bodies increasing from 4 to 10 and recognised testing centres going from 5 to 23. Up to last year, more than 870 HP KEYMARK certificates were issued, corresponding to over 3600 models.

Certification bodies COCH (Poland) and Certif (Portugal), and testing centres BDR Thermea (France), COCH (Poland), Intertek (China) and Itecons (Portugal) joined the HP KEYMARK scheme in 2020.

Our objective for the future is to keep growing as a strong and well-established European certification. To achieve this, our vision for Heat Pump KEYMARK consists of three main goals:

  • Recognition in all European member states
    When the HP KEYMARK was created in 2016 with the aim to become ‘a single certificate for a single European market’, it was fully recognized only in France.
    By the time the situation has improved significantly so that currently the certification can be used to demonstrate conformity with the ERP requirements in the majority of the European member states. In this effort, we plan on obtaining recognition under new national subsidy programs, focusing also on Eastern European countries.
  • Establishing brand awareness
    We would like the image of the scheme to reflect its development over the years by reaching out to potential new members and target audiences through event sponsorships, social media campaigns, interviews, and publications.
  • Improving our database experience
    Besides having an operational database, we are looking into making improvements to use this tool to its full potential. We are working on providing a reliable source of information as well as extended use of certified performance data through external platforms, media, and applications.

Heat Pump KEYMARK has come a long way since 2016 and we work hard daily to ensure the best results along with reliable performance. We look forward to the future and seeing our scheme developing even further.

If you wish to request a meeting with us, you can find more information on our ISH page, on the Heat Pump KEYMARK website or on our social media accounts down below.






Thursday, 26 May 2022