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Physical security equipment is very diverse in technology, concept of operation, application area and performance, and similar security products are difficult to compare in terms of performance, accuracy, usage, trust and validation of functionality. Furthermore, in a number of product areas, there is a lack of product and measurement standards at European or International level which are a necessary prerequisite for harmonised certification schemes.

Security KEYMARK Scheme finished

keymarkThe new Security KEYMARK focuses on harmonisation of evaluation and certification schemes for physical security products based on the KEYMARK certification for this group of products. It explores how the international standards for conformity assessment (EN ISO/IEC 17000 series) and the CEN-CENELEC Internal Regulations - Part 4 could be applied, adapted or developed for products used for security of people, property and infrastructure. This will take into account the particular security-specific features that need to be built into performance measurement and threshold performance schemes for physical security products to address:

  • Realistic and adversarial testing
  • Consistency in testing – in particular for adversarial testing
  • Measurement of complex performance parameters
  • Security sensitivity
  • Continually evolving requirements
  • The wide range of applications and performance requirements
  • The diverse range of types of product, markets and levels of maturity

Focussing on the functional performance of physical security products, the Security KEYMARK Scheme Group devloped KEYMARK Scheme Rules both for consistent performance measurement and for conformity with threshold performance values. The scope of the Security KEYMARK covers physical security products used for security of people, property and infrastructure, including:

  • Barriers
  • Access management
  • Surveillance
  • Detection equipment

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Explanatory Video KEYMARK Certification